This paper presents the objectives, design procedure and results of a senior design project during the spring semester of 2009. A team of five mechanical engineering senior students were challenged to design a pressurized connector spool for the original equipment manufacturer’s Integrated Compression System (ICS). This system is comprised of two modules: a separator/compressor and a high-speed, direct drive electric motor. In this concept, the motor and separator/compressor each are mounted on two magnetic bearings and their shafts are connected together using a flexible coupling. Because the flexible coupling has to be installed after both of the individual shafts are inserted into their casings (from opposite ends), the connector spool accessibility is a main concern. The students developed eight initial concepts that were compared using a concept screening matrix. The top two scored ideas were selected for further review. One dimensional simplified calculations were performed to roughly size these concepts. The final design chosen was then further developed using solid modeling and finite element stress analysis. The proposed design met the requirements for mechanical integrity, ease of manufacturability and improved accessibility.

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