Biomass integrated gasification combined cycles (BIGCC) are an interesting solution for electricity production. In relation to other biomass conversion technologies, BIGCC is characterized by relatively high energy efficiency. This article presents models and results of simulations of the gas steam cycles integrated with pressurized gasification using biomass as a feedstock. The model and simulations are preformed with Aspen Plus® computer program. The gas generator model consists of two equilibrium reactors. The use of two reactors led to more precise simulations of the flue gas composition, than the model with one reactor. The systems used for study include high-temperature gas cleaning system and a simple gas turbine. The steam cycle consists of 1-pressure heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) and a condensing steam turbine. The main results of the work are: comparison of energy efficiency for a system with different pressure ratio in a gas turbine, sensitive analysis of the impact of steam temperature and pressure in HRSG on energy efficiency. The economic analysis includes determination of the electricity price in Polish economic conditions.

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