In this study the vegetable oil (VO) is preheated to reduce the kinematic viscosity, and thus, improve atomization. A commercial air-blast atomizer is used to produce the VO spray at ambient conditions of temperature and pressure. Characteristics of the resulting spray are measured using a laser sheet visualization system and a Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer system. Experiments are conducted for VO temperatures varying from 40 C to 100 C and air to liquid mass ratio (ALR) of 2.0 and 4.0. Results show a decrease in Sauter Mean Diameter with an increase in VO temperature, regardless of the ALR. Radial profiles show larger droplets migrating towards the edge of the spray and smaller droplets in the interior spray region. Results show a significant difference in distributions of mean and root mean square axial velocity profiles as the VO inlet temperature is increased for a fixed ALR. Higher VO inlet temperature and higher ALR produced a narrower spray with smaller diameter droplets and higher peak axial velocities. Overall, this study has shown that preheating VO improves atomization by producing spray with smaller diameter droplets.

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