The purpose of this project was to compare the performance and operability of 50% Fischer-Tropsch Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosene (SPK) and 50% NATO F-34 (JP-8) blend and 100% Jet A-1 in a General Electric F404-400 augmented turbofan engine in the configuration currently in use with the Canadian Forces (CF). The paper describes the main test elements to simulate several aspects of CF use of the engine like acceptance testing, post-overhaul tests, performance (steady state and transient), operability, and durability. An abbreviated endurance test is described as is the special condition monitoring instrumentation. In addition, limited combustor and augmentor combustion stability tests were conducted and some results are described. Fuel properties are documented for reference. The linkage with and support of members of The Technical Cooperation Program (TTCP) is highlighted in terms of joint development of the test plans and sharing the results. Discussions of needs for future limited alternative fuel qualification tests are also presented.

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