This paper evaluates the constant volume combustion (CVC), the open rotor (OR) and constant volume combustion with open rotor (CVCOR) engine technologies as propulsion systems in subsonic aircraft. Available simulation codes are used to compare different engine technologies assuming the same level of technology investment, to identify the cycle optimum, to calculate the thrust specific fuel consumption (SFC) and to determine flight mission fuel burn for a short range and a long range aircraft. Compared to turbofans of current and of equal technology, it is concluded the novel cycles give better uninstalled SFC performance and better fuel burn performance installed for short and long range missions. Within the constraints of this study, it is concluded the novel cycles offer better thermal efficiencies, increasingly higher overall pressure ratios and yield a lower fuel burn compared to turbofans of current and of equal technology. The novel cycles would be viable as future propulsion systems if the primary design target is fuel consumption. The CVCOR and OR would be comparable based on SFC alone. However installation losses make the CVCOR a better prospect considering the effects of OPR and BPR. Against the impact of increasing fuel costs, it would be beneficial to use the novel cycles.

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