As indicated by ISO standard 10816, Q-value estimation is very important for rotating machinery commission and/or machine safety operation. Impulse tests and resonance curve measurements are commonly contributed to Q-value estimation. Instead of two methods, we are developing a new method using open-loop transfer function (Go) at real operational condition. In this paper, we present a theoretical background on how to measure the open loop transfer function. Our key technique is the measurement of the modal coordinates with a combination of several displacement sensors. Concerning the experimental measurement of Go, we use multiple sensors and only one active magnetic bearing (AMB) in a rotor system supported by oil-film/ball bearing. This Go is converted to damping ratio. In fact, a smaller damping ratio is recognized just before oil-whip instability by our open loop measurement. In addition, we set a dynamic damper which has been developed for suppression of oil whip instability, and an increasing damping ratio is also recognized by our method.

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