High cycle fatigue is a factor that influence gas turbine buckets lifetime and it’s due to high frequency vibrations during service. Rotation and fluid flow around the blades cause static and dynamic stresses on the buckets row. For this reason the natural frequencies and HCF resistance evaluation are fundamental in the design phase of gas turbine engines in order to avoid resonance problems during service. Single crystal and directionally solidified superalloys shows anisotropic material properties, in particular single crystal can be modeled as orthotropic material in lattice directions for FEM simulations purposes. In this paper the influence of the lattice growth orientation, identified by two angles, on the natural frequencies of first stage bucket has been investigated. Six-sigma analysis has been performed in order to obtain a transfer function between lattice orientation and bucket vibration. The Design of Experiment (DoE) has been performed using FEA modal results on ten different vibration modes. The results obtained by FEA are verified by an experimental test on the real Heavy Duty MS5002 buckets.

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