We present a dynamical simulation model of a Pebble Heater power plant using a 100kW micro turbine. The aim of the investigation is to provide data of the plant operation in order assess control strategies and controller parameter settings in order to avoid plant instabilities. Furthermore the model is used to provide the dynamical behavior of the plant for design operation as well as in emergency scenarios. The model was created in the object oriented simulation language Modelica. The parts are presented and the dynamical model is validated with experimental data obtained on a laboratory set up of the gas turbine. The plant operating procedures are described and crucial scenarios are identified that require simulation to verify plant operation stability. The results show, that the regular plant operation should be stable within the control margin available to the system. The model provides the prediction of the influence of Pebble Heater design on the overall plant performance, allowing to optimize the plant economics. Furthermore the requirements on the elements of the emergency procedures could be calculated.

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