In order to evaluate the performance of new turbo gas power plants for putting in commercial operation, it was necessary to supervise, test and, if so the case, to approve the works of commissioning, operational and acceptance of all equipments and systems that constitute the power plant. All this was done with the aim of guaranteeing the satisfactory operation of these elements to accomplish the function for which they were developed. These activities were conducted at the request of the customer to confirm and observe that the evidence of the tests was carried out according to the specifications and international regulations. The putting into commercial operation activities were done in collaboration with the supplier and manufacturer of equipment, the client and the institution responsible for certification and approval of the plant. All this in a logical and chronological order for the sequence of commissioning tests, operation and acceptance. Commissioning tests were carried out on-site at normal operating conditions, according to the design and operation needs of each power plant of a group of 14. Once the commissioning tests were completely executed and in a satisfactory manner, operational tests of the plants were developed. This was done by considering that they must operate reliable, stable, safe and automatically, satisfying at least, one hundred hours of continuous operation at full load. After evaluating the operational capacity of the machine, it was necessary to determinate the quality of the plant by carrying out a performance test. Finally, it was verified if every unit fulfills the technical requirements established in terms of heat capacity of the machine, noise levels and emissions. As a result of this process, it is guaranteed to the customer that the turbo gas power plants, their systems and equipments, satisfy the requirements, specifications and conditions in agreement with the supplier and manufacturers referring to the putting into commercial operation of the plant.

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