This paper reports on the latest application of a generic time-dependent real-time simulation tool, originally developed for fuel cell gas turbine hybrid systems, and now applied to an actual micro gas turbine test rig. Real-time modeling is a recognized approach for monitoring advanced systems and improving control capabilities: applications of real-time models are commonly used in the automotive and aircraft fields. The overall objective is improving of calculation time in existing time-dependent simulation models, while retaining acceptable accuracy of results. The real-time modeling approach already applied to fuel cell gas turbine systems has here been validated against the experimental data from the micro gas turbine Turbec T100 test rig in Savona, Italy. The real-time model of the microturbine recuperator has been newly developed to fit such an application. Two representative transient operations have been selected for verification: the heating and cooling phases of the connected volume. The results already show an acceptable agreement with measurements, and they have contributed to a better insight into performance prediction for the entire plant.

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