Paper mills are industries that require large amounts of electricity and heat. Most paper mills produce the energy required by the process using cogeneration plants based on steam or gas turbines. In the present case study the original power plant was a 2 MWe gas turbine with a heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) equipped with 6 MWt afterburners and a steam turbine. With the increase of paper production, the electric power produced by the power plant was not enough for the factory and the steam produced by the gas turbine was not enough for the paper drying process. After the analysis of the plant, a different solution for its repowering was proposed. The guidelines, for the considered project, are the total electrical autonomy of the factory, the continuity of production in case of failure of a gas turbine or a steam generator and the possibility of enabling the increase of the paper production with additional steam. All the proposed solutions will be analyzed in terms of technical feasibility and operating costs.

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