Siemens Energy began the design of its H-class SGT5-8000H gas turbine in October of 2000. Validation testing of the SGT5-8000H prototype gas turbine began in December of 2007 at E.ON Energie’s Irsching, Germany power plant. The innovative turbine and secondary air system was designed by an international team of engineers, drawing on experience from Siemens and Westinghouse as well as experience from aero engines and academia. At the onset of the design, customers were consulted to identify features and functions they considered important. The result is a design that incorporates proven technologies from the current fleet of Siemens engines as well as numerous advanced technologies to create a simple, robust turbine design with H-class efficiency. The paper describes key features of the secondary air system including extractions, pre-swirlers, sealing systems and multi-use cooling. The SGT5-8000H turbine design has many unique features that promote high efficiency, excellent operability and improved maintainability. The paper describes features such as thermal barrier coatings, hydraulic clearance optimization, fast startup capability and stage 1 component removability via the combustor shell. The design is also being applied to the 60 Hz version of this product.

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