In the present work, the elaboration of a reduced kinetic reaction mechanism is described which predicts reliably fundamental characteristic combustion properties of two biogenic gas mixtures consisting mainly of hydrogen, methane, and carbon monoxide, with small amounts of higher hydrocarbons (ethane and propane), in different proportions. From the in-house detailed chemical kinetic reaction mechanism with about 55 species and 460 reactions, a reduced kinetic reaction mechanism was constructed consisting of 27 species and 130 reactions. Their predictive capability concerning laminar flame speed (measured at T0 = 323 K, 373 K and 453 K, at p = 1 bar, 3 bar, and 6 bar for equivalence ratios φ between 0.6 and 2.2) and auto ignition data (measured in a shock tube between 1035 and 1365 K at pressures around 16 bar for φ = 0.5 and 1.0) are discussed in detail. Good agreement was found between experimental and calculated values within the investigated parameter range.

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