This paper studies an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle-Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (IGCC-SOFC) hybrid power system. Based on the intercrossing of electrochemical process and thermodynamic cycle, this paper has proposed a dual cycle IGCC-SOFC hybrid power system. Based on the Aspen Plus soft, the model of the IGCC-SOFC hybrid power system has been established and the performance of the overall hybrid power system affected by the main operating parameters of SOFC system has been analyzed and optimized. The obtained results show that IGCC system integrated with the high temperature SOFC combined cycle system has a higher thermal efficiency through decreasing the current density; the higher fuel utilization ratio (ηg) also improves the efficiency of hybrid power system; with the increase of the syngas distribution ratio Xfl, both the total power output and system efficiency of the hybrid power system are improved greatly. When Xfl is 1.0, compared with the base IGCC system without integration with SOFC system, the efficiency of hybrid power system increases by 10 percentage points approximately. Above research achievements will provide a valuable guide for further study on IGCC-SOFC hybrid power system.

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