This Paper describes the existing cooling air fan stack modification efforts. The cooling air fan is provided with a typical, standard dimension fan stack. The cooling air fan and its stack are integral parts of a cooling cell. The cooling cell in turn is an integral part of a large cooling water tower. The cooling water tower has seven cells. Each cooling air fan is furnished with a central “sealing plate”. This “sealing plate” rotates together with the fan. The “sealing plate” serves to reduce the discharge air leakage back to the fan suction plane. The fan manufacturer modified the “sealing plates” to further reduce parasitic losses. Only one fan (cell 3) was furnished by the fan manufacturer with an upgraded central “sealing plate” in the form of a dish. This last evolution of the “sealing plate” encouraged the introduction of a stationary, aerodynamically shaped central piece. This central piece would match the outside diameter of the existing rotating dish. The intent is therefore to minimize parasitic losses and simultaneously reduce the turbulence and the swirling of discharged air in the stack.

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