Solar Turbines Incorporated has combined proven technology and product experience to develop the new Taurus 65 gas turbine for industrial power generation applications. The single-shaft engine is designed to produce 6.3 megawatts of electrical power with a 33% thermal efficiency at ISO operating conditions. Selection of the final engine operating cycle was based on extensive aerodynamic-cycle studies to achieve optimum output performance with increased exhaust heat capacity for combined heat and power installations. The basic engine configuration features an enhanced version of the robust Centaur®50 air compressor coupled to a newly designed three-stage turbine similar to the Taurus 70 turbine design. Advanced cooling technology and materials are used in the dry, lean-premix annular combustor, consistent with Solar’s proven SoLoNOx™ combustion technology, capable of reducing pollutant emissions while operating on standard natural gas or diesel liquid fuels. Like the Titan™ 130 and Taurus 70 products, a traditional design philosophy has been applied in development of the Taurus 65 gas turbine by utilizing existing components, common technology and product experience to minimize risk, lower cost and maximize durability. A comprehensive factory test plan and extended field evaluation program was used to validate the design integrity and demonstrate product durability prior to full market introduction.

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