The prediction of the performance of HRSG (Heat Recovery Steam Generator) by means of CFD codes is of great interest, since HRSGs are crucial elements in gas turbine combined cycle power plants, and in CHP (combined heat and power) cycles. The determination of the thermo-fluid dynamic pattern in HRSGs is fundamental in order to improve the energy usage and limit the ineffectiveness due to non-homogeneous flow patterns. In order to reduce the complexity of the simulation of the fluid flow within the HRSG, it is useful modeling heat exchangers as porous media zones with properties estimated using pressure drop correlations for tube banks. Usually, air-side thermo-fluid dynamic characteristics of finned tube heat exchangers are determined from experimental data. The aim of this work is to develop a new procedure, capable to define the main porous-medium non-dimensional parameters (e.g., viscous and inertial loss coefficients; porosity; volumetric heat generation rate; etc...) starting from data obtained by means of accurate three-dimensional simulations of the flow through tube banks. Both finned and bare tube banks will be considered and results presented. The analysis is based on a commercial CFD code, Fluent v.6.2.16. In order to validate the proposed procedure, the simulation of an entire fired HRSG of the horizontal type developed by Ansaldo Caldaie for the ERG plant at Priolo (Italy) has been performed and results have been compared with their data.

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