When developing counter-rotating fans for advanced new-generation aeroengines with unducted blades it is very important to provide high acoustic and aerodynamic characteristics [1]. This paper presents some results of gasdynamic and aeroacoustic optimization of unducted CRF blade profile by using 3D viscous inverse problem. Flow in unducted CRF on the basis of unsteady 3D Navier-Stokes equations is modeled at the 1st stage of designing in order to find the key tonal noise sources. Based on these results, it is found that one of the key tonal noise sources is Rotor 1 - Rotor 2 tip vortices interaction and potential rotor interaction. Then, using 3D solver of the viscous inverse problem, aerodynamic loads are redistributed along R1 and R2 blade height aiming at a decrease in tip vortex intensity and potential rotor interaction with a probable increase in the CRF thrust. To verify the aerodynamic characteristics of the modified CRF, steady flow calculations are carried out with the help of 3D Navier-Stokes equations and “mixing plane” interfaces. To verify the acoustic characteristics of the modified CRF, tonal noise modeling is carried out for original and modified CRFs using aeroacoustic CIAM’s 3DAS solver for solution of unsteady inviscid equations for disturbances. Ffowcs–Williams, Howkings approach is used for acoustic calculations in the far field. The near acoustic field and directivity diagrams in the far field are found. Using 3D inverse problem, the fan tonal noise is decreased by 4 dB for take-0ff and landing with no thrust and efficiency losses.

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