The paper presents an experimental investigation of the flow field in a high-pressure transonic turbine with a downstream vane row (1.5 stage machine) concerning the airfoil indexing. The objective is a detailed analysis of the three dimensional flow field downstream of the high pressure turbine for different vane clocking positions. To give an overview of the time averaged flow field, measurements by means of a pneumatic five hole probe were performed upstream and downstream of the second stator. Furthermore in this planes additional unsteady measurements were carried out with Laser Doppler Velocimetry in order to record rotor phase resolved velocity, flow angle and turbulence distributions at two different clocking positions. In the measurement plane upstream the second vane the time resolved pressure field has been analyzed by means of a Fast Response Aerodynamic Pressure Probe. The paper shows that the secondary flows of the second vane are significantly modified for different clocking positions, in connection with the first vane modulation of the rotor secondary flows. An analysis of the performance of the second vane is also carried out.

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