Under-platform dampers are used to reduce resonant stresses in turbine blades to avoid high cycle fatigue failures. In this paper a model of semi-cylindrical under-platform damper (i.e. with one flat side and one curved side) for turbine blades is described. The damper kinematics is characterized by three degrees of freedom (DOFs): in-plane translations and rotation. Static normal loads acting on the damper sides are computed using the three static balance equations of the damper. Non-uniqueness of normal pre-loads acting on the damper sides is highlighted. Implementation of the model in a numerical code for the forced response calculation of turbine blades with under-platform dampers shows that non-uniqueness of normal pre-loads leads to non-uniqueness of the forced response of the system. A numerical test case is presented to show the capabilities of the model and to analyze the effect of the main system parameters (damper mass, excitation force, coefficient of friction and damper rotation) on the damper behavior and on the system dynamics.

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