Gas turbine is one of the key components for integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) system. Combustor of the gas turbine needs to burn medium/low heating value syngas produced by coal gasification. In order to save time and cost during the design and development of a gas turbine combustor for medium/low heating value syngas, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) offers a good mean. In this paper, 3D numerical simulations were carried out on a full scale multi-nozzle gas turbine combustor using commercial CFD software FLUENT. A 72 degrees sector was modeled to minimize the number of cells of the grid. For the fluid flow part, viscous Navier-Stokes equations were solved. The realizable k-ε turbulence model was adopted. Steady laminar flamelet model was used for the reacting system. The interaction between fluid turbulence and combustion chemistry was taken into account by the PDF (probability density function) model. The simulation was performed with two design schemes which are head cooling using film-cooling and impingement cooling. The details of the flow field and temperature distribution inside the two gas turbine combustors obtained could be cited as references for design and retrofit. Similarities were found between the predicted and experimental data of the transition duct exit temperature profile. There is much work yet to be done on modeling validation in the future.

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