This paper presents a detailed flow and heat transfer characteristic analysis on gas turbine first stage turbine under hot streak inlet conditions. Two kinds of inlet total temperature conditions are specified at the turbine stage inlet. The first is uniform inlet total temperature, and the second is hot streak 2D total temperature contour. The two kinds of inlet conditions have the same mass-averaged total temperature, and the same uniform inlet total pressure. The hot streak total temperature contours are obtained according to the exit shape of an annular-can combustor. The ratio of the highest total temperature in the hot streak to the mass-averaged total temperature is about 1.23, and one hot streak corresponds to two vane passages and four blade passages. Six hot streak circumferential positions relative to the vane 1 leading edge varied from −2% to 81% pitch are computed and analyzed. Results show that hot streak obviously increases the non-uniform degree of vane heat load in comparison with the uniform total temperature inlet condition. The change of hot streak circumferential position leads to the circumferential parameter variation at stator exit, and also leads to different transient periodic fluctuating characteristics of heat load and pressure on rotor blade surface. The hot streak of relative pitch at 65% obtains similar heat load for the two vanes corresponding to one hot streak and small fluctuation of the averaged heat load on rotor blade.

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