Radiation heat transfer in a model combustor with interior and exterior conjugate heat transfers has been numerically studied. The previous investigations on turbulence, combustion and scalar transfer modeling (Reynolds analogy), and comparisons with a comprehensive experimental database provide a reliable base to evaluate the effect of radiation heat transfer on the flow field and NO emission in the combustor. Some of the numerical results with and without radiation are presented and compared with the experimental measurements. It is found that the total radiation heat flux through the combustor wall is about 4.2% of the total energy released from the input fuel. The effect of radiation on the flow field is minor, particularly to the velocity field. In contrast, it has significant effects on the NO field, where the predicted values without radiation are two times higher than those with radiation or the experimental data. A considerable effect of radiation on the combustor wall temperature is also observed. In summary, to provide valuable predictions of NO emission and combustor liner temperature, the radiation heat transfer should be properly taken into account in numerical simulations.

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