Cycle characteristics of closed gas turbines using super critical carbon dioxide as a working fluid are investigated. It is found an anomalous behavior of physical properties of CO2 at pseudo-critical point may limit heat exchange rate of a regenerative heat exchanger due to the presence of pinch point inside the regenerative heat exchanger. Taking such pinch problem into consideration, the cycle efficiency of Brayton cycle is assessed. Its value is found limited to 39% degraded by 8% compared with the case without the pinch present inside. As an alternative a part flow cycle is investigated and its operable range has been identified. It is revealed that the part flow cycle is effective to recover heat transfer capability and may achieve the cycle thermal efficiency of 45% under maximum operating conditions of 20MPa and 800K. Optimal combination of turbine expansion ratio and a part flow ratio is 2.5 and 0.68 respectively. Parametric study is carried out. In neither compressor nor turbine, deteriorated adiabatic efficiency may affect cycle efficiency significantly. However, pressure drop characteristics of heat exchangers govern the cycle efficiency.

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