The paper presents results of development of the novel shrinkage-free, adaptable to machining and easily welded alumo-boron-carbide silicon materials that experience the cermet stage during their manufacturing. A specific feature of the like ceramics is their double-stage sintering process when, after the original stage, a metal-ceramic blank has a sufficient strength and is easily machined by conventional metal-cutting tools. In addition, such materials are electrically conductive, therefore, the elasto-erosion treatment technique can be applied. Subsequently, a machined part is finally sintered, whereas all the geometries remain actually unchanged due to the shrinkage absence. Prior to the final sintering, all separate parts can be joined by the diffusion welding with the seam strength being 5–10% different from the strength of the main part. The paper provides an insight into the processes and results of tests of the representative selections of samples of four types of the structural ceramics that are experiencing the cermet stage during the process of their formation. Also, ceramic parts for the CGTE hot passage are demonstrated.

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