In this study, nonlinear dynamic responses considering fluid-structure interactions have been conducted for a stator-rotor cascade configuration. Advanced computational analysis system based on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and computational structural dynamics (CSD) has been developed in order to investigate detailed dynamic responses and flutter stability of general stator-rotor cascade configurations. Especially, effects of relative motions of the rotor cascade with respect to the stator cascade are considered in numerical analyses. Fluid domains are modeled using the unstructured grid system with dynamic moving and local deforming techniques. Unsteady, Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations with Spalart-Allmaras and SST k-ω turbulence models are solved for unsteady flow problems. A fully implicit time marching scheme based on the Newmark direct integration method is typically used for computing the coupled aeroelastic governing equations of the cascade fluid-structure interaction problems. Detailed dynamic aeroelastic responses for different stator-rotor interaction flow conditions are presented to show the physical vibration characteristics in the time-domain.

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