Cannon-Muskegon has developed a proprietary chemistry modified version of IN 939 designated CM 939 Weldable®. As presented in 2004, emphasis was placed on optimizing aim chemistry, utilizing Cannon-Muskegon ultra high purity manufacture technology, and obtaining superior casting microstructure for improved weldability and mechanical properties. This paper will review the unique properties that make this alloy desirable, with particular attention to production experience and ongoing developments. Significant market interest has resulted in extensive vacuum casting experience throughout the gas turbine industry. In the 2–3 years since introduction, CM 939 Weldable alloy has accumulated substantial engine performance experience in industrial gas turbine vane applications. New application programs, including vane rings and turbine containment ring components, advances in weldability using CM 939 Weldable filler wire and special application alloy modifications (DT1 & DT2) will also be presented.

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