The prediction of the response of nonlinear systems subjected to stochastic parametric, narrowband and wideband or coloured external excitation is of importance in the field of structural and rotor dynamics. The transitional probability density function (pdf) for the random response of nonlinear systems under white or coloured noise excitation (delta-correlated) is governed by both the forward Fokker-Planck (FP) and backward Kolmogorov equations. This paper presents efficient numerical solution of the FP equation for the pdf of response for general nonlinear systems subjected to external white noise and combined sinusoidal and white noise excitation. The effect of intensity of white noise, frequency and amplitude of sinusoidal excitation and level of system nonlinearity on the non-Gaussian nature of response caused by the system nonlinearity are investigated. Stochastic behaviours like stability, jump, bifurcation are examined as the system parameters change. The finite element (FE) scheme is used to solve the FP equation and obtain the statistics of a two degree-of-freedom linear system representative of the vibration of gas turbine tip-shrouded bladed disk assembly subjected to Gaussian white noise excitation as an illustrative example.

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