The ability to detect and quantify beneficial surface and subsurface residual stresses, and operational damage in aerospace materials/structures in a reliable and efficient manner presents significant challenges to existing nondestructive inspection technologies. Induced Positron Analysis (IPA) has demonstrated the ability to nondestructively quantify shot peening/surface treatments and relaxation effects in single crystal superalloys, steels, titanium and aluminum with a single measurement as part of a National Science Foundation SBIR program and in projects with commercial companies. IPA measurement of surface treatment effects provides a demonstrated ability to quantitatively measure initial treatment effectiveness along with the effect of operationally induced changes over the life of the treated component. Use of IPA to nondestructively quantify surface and subsurface residual stresses in turbine engine materials and components has the potential to significantly improve the understanding at the microscale level the effects of surface coatings and treatments on the durability and fatigue life of critical components.

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