Long-term oxidation behavior of alloys cannot be estimated reliably by extrapolation of short-term results; therefore long-term testing is imperative. Such data often are not available. Oxidation testing for a period of 360 days has been conducted for several high temperature alloys extensively used in the gas turbine industry. The alloys tested comprised of HASTELLOY® X alloy, HAYNES® 230®, HR-120®, and 214™ alloys, the first three being chromia forming and the last one being an alumina forming alloy. The specimens were exposed to flowing air at 1800°F(982°C), 2000°F(1093°C), 2100°F(1149°C) and 2200°F(1204°C). The tests were interrupted and the specimens were weighed every 30 days. At the completion of each test, the samples were examined metallographically to determine the internal attack. The magnitude of oxidation attack was studied in terms of the weight change and total metal affected. The paper will report the results of the long-term oxidation testing and the analysis of the corrosion attack with the optical and scanning electron micrographs. HASTELLOY, HAYNES, 230 and HR-120 are registered trademarks and 214 is a trademark of Haynes International, Inc.

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