Transonic turbine stage flows are strongly influenced by shock waves. The oblique trailing edge shock generated at the pressure side impinges on the suction side of the neighboring airfoil leading to a significant alteration of the Mach number distribution. On film cooled turbine airfoils this shock interacts with the local cooling film. The present study deals with the investigation of this kind of shock wave – film cooling interaction. Experiments are conducted in a high pressure high temperature transonic test rig which allows setting engine realistic Reynolds numbers and Mach numbers, as well as temperature and density ratios. The generic test rig simulates a transonic region of an airfoil passage with the advantage of accessibility for optical measurement techniques. Coolant is ejected from a row of 5 cylindrical and 5 fanshaped holes at different locations relative to the position of shock impingement. Blowing ratios are varied within a range of 0.25<M<1.5. A simulated suction side Mach number distribution is generated with a Mach number Mam = 1.45 upstream and Mam = 1.14 downstream of the shock. Experimental data presented comprise spatially resolved and laterally averaged film cooling effectiveness and heat transfer coefficients within the vicinity of the interaction zone.

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