The Once Through Steam Generator (OSTG) is a heat recovery system mainly used in heat and power applications that offers an alternative to the common water-tube drum Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG). The main difference relies on the fact that the OTSG has no drum. The modelling of the OTSG as part of any thermal plant used for power generation or to supply industrial process heat is of great importance. The accurate performance simulation of any power plant can provide extra information to the operations team that otherwise would involve labour intensive, long field experiments or data collection programmes. A novel, realistic performance simulation model for a single and double pressure Once Through Steam Generator is presented. The generality of the model allows the user to define any physical design of an existing or theoretical OTSG and operating requirements. The model is capable of simulating fouling effects on the overall OTSG performance. The model was tested using field data provided by Manx Electricity Authority. The results obtained show the success of the approach and the potential of such a tool in any cycle performance evaluation.

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