Ansaldo Energia Low BTU engines have been accumulating more than 150000 EOH (Equivalent Operating Hours) burning low Btu Fuels on two different projects such as Isab Priolo and Elettra Servola. More over a new unit Ferrera Erbognone 3 has started to be commissioned in March 2006 burning syngas from tar gasification. This latter will be the first real commercial power plant in Italy to be operated without taking into account the high benefits once available according to the national law (CIP6/1992) specifically dealing with recovery fuel usage (alternative to natural gas). The end of the first phase of commissioning of Ferrera Erbognone 3 will give the opportunity to present the results achieved and to validate the burner design process for this specific power plant. In the IGCC gasifier island of Ferrera 3 power plant, it will be possible to separate hydrogen in variable quantity from the syngas according to the demands of the refinery located nearby the power plant, thus giving a high composition variability as output fuel. Also, if the maximum quantity of hydrogen will be separated, an integration with natural gas will be performed in order to get the maximum power output of the power plant. As a consequence, the syngas burner has been designed taking into account all the fuel characteristics depending on the different composition carried out. According to these, the burner has been optimised in order to fit the various syngas blends to be fuelled when running the engine. The paper describes the experience achieved during the commissioning activity prior to the commercial operation started in September 2006 highlighting the main results achieved with respect to the plant requirement. Furthermore a description of the functional improvement of the engine in order to face the unexpected off design conditions will be reported.

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