The present work reports on laminar flame speed measurements with biogenic gas mixtures over a wide range of parameters, such as preheat temperatures, pressure, equivalence ratio, and gas compositions. The biogenic gas mixtures were derived from gasification of ethanol and of corn silage as representatives for alternative fuels containing hydrogen and methane as major components (after CO2-sequestration), light hydrocarbons to some extent, and diluents such as nitrogen and carbon monoxide. In the present work, premixed flames were stabilized in a high pressure burner system at pressures up to 6 bars at preheat temperatures between 323 and 453 K and for equivalence ratios of φ = 0.5–1.6. In addition, a gas mixture of methane and hydrogen burning in air was investigated at atmospheric pressure. Furthermore, different detailed reaction mechanisms were used to predict the measured data. The trends and main features were captured by predictions applying different reaction mechanisms.

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