In advanced gas turbines prediction and understanding of mixing and combustion dynamics become increasingly important to achieve higher efficiency and lower emissions. Therefore suitable information on the small scales is required due to their influence on a vast number of process factors such as micromixing efficiency, chemical reaction rate, turbulence-chemistry interaction, etc.. Here the subgrid probability density function (pdf) of a transported scalar is obtained by an Eulerian Monte-Carlo approach. In this context the evolution of the pdf is represented by ensembles of stochastic particles. The macromixing is provided by LES resolving the large scales. Dealing with confined configurations, the ability of LES to enable accurate temporal and spatial analysis of flow and mixing process is first demonstrated within a swirl stabilized model gas turbine combustor. Then LES is coupled to the Eulerian Monte Carlo method to provide an extensive study of multi-scale mixing processes. Therefore a feature of realistic combustors is investigated by means of two opposite rows of jets penetrating a cross flow. It turns out that the hybrid LES-MC method is a reliable tool for this purpose.

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