Since 1990, global wind energy capacity has been doubling every three years, along with a corresponding fall in the cost of wind turbines, measured per kWe of output. The price of electricity from windpower is now close to the price of electricity produced from conventional sources. However, such farms produce unreliable output due to the vagaries of the region’s wind profile and so can not meet demand. Without action there could be major problems with fluctuating power quality. The first thing to consider with wind generation is how to achieve the optimum power output from the turbine in relation to balancing supply and demand. Such renewable energy sources as wind needs local support from conventional sources. Technological solutions do exist to counteract such problems. One of them, which has been discussed is a separate electrical power system composed of windpower farm and of gas turbine power plant. Any fluctuations of windpower have to be damped due to an appropriate action of gas turbine power plant. For this purpose a specific power and frequency control system is required that would provide limiting the power and frequency fluctuations resulting from wind turbulence.

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