The use of syngas from gasified biomass as fuel for electric power generation based on gas turbine engines has been seriously studied over the past last two decades. Few experimental power plants have been built around the world. A small review of the use of syngas from gasified biomass and a cleaning system for gas turbine engines are presented. In this paper a computational program was presented and validated to simulate the design and off-design performance analysis of simple cycle gas turbine engines with one and two shafts. The aim was to assess the behavior and performance of the gas turbine engine without accounting for auxiliary syngas fuel compressor when the gasifier is atmospheric. It shows the behavior and performance at the off design condition of these two types of hypothetic gas turbine engines. The two engines were designed to use kerosene as fuel and at off-design conditions, and they were run using syngas from gasified biomass. The results show that the running line in the compressor characteristic moves towards the surge line and that the performance changes when the engine runs with the syngas.

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