This paper describes the integration of advanced methods such as component zooming and distributed computing, in an object-oriented simulation environment dedicated to gas turbine engine performance modelling. A 1-D compressor stage stacking method is used to demonstrate three approaches for integrating numerical zooming in an engine model. In the first approach a 1-D compressor model produces a compressor map that is then used in the engine model in place of the default one. In the second approach the results of the 1-D analysis are passed to the 0-D component through appropriate ‘zooming’ scalars. In the final approach the 1-D compressor component directly replaces the 0-D one in the engine model. Distributed computing is realized using Web Services technology. The implementation steps for a distributed scenario are presented. The standalone compressor stage stacking method, in the form of a shared library, is placed in a remote site and can be accessed over the internet through a Web Service Operation (server side). An engine simulation is set up containing a 1-D compressor component which acts as the client for the Web Service operation. Future development of the tool’s advanced capabilities is finally discussed.

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