A preconditioning scheme is applied to a compressible turbomachinery flow solver MSU-TURBO for simulating viscous flows at low Mach number and incompressible region. The Navier-Stokes equations are cast in a non-inertial rotating frame. A constant diagonal preconditioning matrix is applied to the conservative form of the governing equations, which contains a single parameter depending on the reference Mach number and rotational speed of the relative frame. The effect of the rotational speed on preconditioned scheme is numerically investigated for two low speed viscous flows in rotating machinery, a NASA low speed centrifugal compressor (LSCC) and a marine propeller (P5168). Computations are compared against the original MSU-TURBO solutions, and suggestions are provided for computing the low Mach number flows in rotating turbomachinery using the preconditioned TURBO solver.

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