The development of a computational tool (MP-LOS) for the aerodynamic loss modeling and prediction for axial-flow compressor blade sections is presented in this paper. A state-of-the-art quasi 3-D flow solver, MISES, has been used for the flow analysis on existing airfoil geometries in many working conditions. Different values of inlet flow angle, inlet Mach number, AVDR, Reynolds number and solidity have been chosen to investigate a possible working range. The target is a loss prediction formulation that will be introduced into throughflow or axisymmetric Navier-Stokes codes for the performance prediction of multistage axial flow compressors. The loss coefficient has been correlated to the flow parameters that have shown an influence on the profile loss for the blades under study. The proposed correlation, using the described computational approach, can be extended to any profile family with the aid of any code for the parametric design of blade profiles.

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