In order to obtain a wider operating range in a centrifugal impeller with inducer, the effect of the pre-whirl induced by the inlet recirculation flow on the flow incidence and the impeller characteristics were analyzed numerically and compared with the experimental results. In order to control the swirl intensity of the recirculation flow, guide vanes were installed circumferentially in the annular bypass of the ring groove arrangement, and the setting angle of the guide vane was changed. The fundamental concept for surge suppression is to achieve the flow incidence less than or close to the critical one. A too large-positive flow incidence can be reduced by increasing the recirculation flow rate determined by the pressure difference between the two ring groove positions, on the other hand, a higher pressure rise in the inducer can be obtained at the flow incidence close to the critical one by suppressing the pre-whirl induced by the recirculation flow. It is clearly shown that the better impeller characteristics and the large recirculation flow rate can be achieved by giving a suitable setting angle of the guide vane. The unstable flow rate range of the tested impeller was reduced by about 53% almost without deterioration of the impeller efficiency in the whole flow rate range.

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