A large number of papers have been published on transient modeling of large industrial and military gas turbines. Few, however, have examined micro turbines. The decrease in size affects the relative rates of change of shaft speed, gas dynamics and heat soak. This paper compares the modeled transient effects of a micro turbojet engine comprised of a single stage of radial compression and a single stage of axial expansion, with a diameter of 12cm. The model was validated with experimental data. Several forms of the model were produced starting with the shaft and fuel transients. Conservation of mass, and then energy, was subsequently added for the compressor, combustor and turbine, and a large inlet plenum that was part of the experimental apparatus. Heat soak to the engine body was incorporated into both the shaft and energy models. Heat soak was considered in the compressor, combustor and turbine. Since the engine diameter appears in the differential equations to different powers, the relative rates of change vary with diameter. The rate of change of shaft speed is very strongly influenced. The responses of the different transient effects are compared. The relative solution times are also discussed, since the relative size of the required time steps changes when compared to a large engine.

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