Tilting-pad journal bearings (TPJB) dominate as rotor supports in high speed rotating machinery. The paper analyzes frequency effects on the TPJB’s stiffness and damping characteristics based on experimental and theoretical investigations. The experimental investigation has been carried out on a five pad tilting-pad journal bearing of 98 mm in diameter. Time domain and multifrequency excitation has been used to evaluate the dynamic coefficients. The calculated results have been obtained from a three-dimensional computer model of TPJB, which accounts for thermal effects, turbulent oil flow, and elastic effects, including that of pad flexibility. The analyzes of the TPJB’s stiffness and damping properties showed that the frequency effects on the bearing dynamic properties depend on the operating conditions and bearing design. It has been concluded that the pad inertia and pivot flexibility are behind the variations of the stiffness and damping properties with frequency of excitation.

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