In this paper, analytical maps of aerodynamic damping for a two-dimensional compressor cascade (Standard Configuration 10) are presented. The maps are shown as contour plots of the aerodynamic damping as a function of operating condition. The aerodynamic dampings were calculated by a linearized Navier-Stokes flow solver. The flutter boundaries over a wide range of operating conditions are clearly shown on the damping maps and were found to be strongly dependent on the mode frequency and the mode shape. Extremely low values of negative aerodynamic damping were predicted for some off-design operating conditions where flow separation occurred. A damping map was also constructed based on inviscid flow simulations. There were differences in the viscous and inviscid flutter boundaries particularly at off-design inflow angles. The extremely low values of negative aerodynamic damping were only predicted by the viscous simulations and not the inviscid simulations.

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