Possibility of active control on cascade flutter with piezoelectric device was both experimentally and numerically studied under a subsonic condition. A blade on which a piezoelectric device was glued was installed in the test cascade. When AC voltage was provided on the device, the blade could be actively oscillated. The unsteady aerodynamic work induced by the active oscillation was measured on the cascade blades. From the results, the active oscillation of the piezo-blade was found to generate sufficiently large unsteady aerodynamic work for changing instability of blade vibration. The active control was effective for flutter suppression if the phase difference between the unstable blade vibration and the active oscillation was adequately selected. The numerical results also showed effectiveness of the piezoelectric device, and the active oscillation was observed to change the unsteady aerodynamic work distribution on blade surfaces, which change should cause the stabilization effect. By a developed numerical method with flow-structure coupling, a suppression method for instability with a control rule was tested numerically to confirm its effectiveness.

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