A new kind of multi functional energy system (MES) with multi fossil fuels and multi products is proposed in this paper. This new system consumes coal and natural gas as fuel simultaneously, and co-generates methanol and power. Coal and natural gas are utilized synthetically based on the method of dual-fuel reforming, which integrates the methane/steam reforming and the combustion of coal. During the dual-fuel reforming the coal is indirectly transformed into clean syngas only by being burnt without pure oxygen. The new system combines the process of chemical and power generation, along with integration of thermal energy and material. In this manner, the energy including both chemical energy of fuel and thermal energy can be used more effectively from the view point of the operation of the whole system. As a result, the total exergy efficiency of this new system was about 60–66%. Compared with the conventional systems, the new system provides an energy savings of about 8–14%. The results obtained here indicate that this new system may provide a new way to utilize coal and natural gas more efficiently and economically.

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