For the concern with environment protection and energy security, much attention has been paid to alternative fuels from renewable resources in modern times, among which liquid fuel production from biomass gasification has aroused much enthuasitics. One two-stage gasification technology is proposed to promote the produciton of syngas suitable for F-T synthesis. The novel technology combines moving-bed pyrolysis, the secondary reinforcement decomposition, and reduction of pyrolysis intermediates. With the addition of certain amount of oxygen in the reaction scheme, large portion of large molecular hydrocarbons and some methane in the pyrolysis gas are reformed into hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and downstream reduction process also helps the mitigation of carbon dioxide emission. The secondary gasification stage proves to be effective in adjusting the product syngas composition to accommodate the requirment of the succeeding synthesis process. From preliminary test on pilot scale experimental facility, syngas with about the same content of hydrogen and carbon monoxide was achieved, with little content of tar. With water gas shift reaction, hydrogen content can be further increased to above 45 percent, resulting suitable H2/CO for downstream synthesis process.

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