The University Turbine Systems Research (UTSR) Program, developed by the National Energy Technology Laboratory of the US Department of Energy, supports research in gas turbines which is performed at universities. An Industrial Review Board (IRB), consisting of gas turbine OEM’s, users, and suppliers of gas turbine components and technologies recommends topics for the research to DOE. They also review the universities’ proposals and recommend a short list of proposals from each solicitation for funding. Since the program’s inception in 1992 a total of 101 research projects have been awarded. There are 110 universities participating in the program and eligible to compete for UTSR research awards. The research is mostly in three areas: Combustion, Materials (mostly thermal barrier coatings) and Aerodynamics / Heat Transfer. The program has produced significant benefits for the gas turbine industry in these fields. This paper provides several examples of the most significant research results.

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