The performances of two types of miniature air-assist atomizers were investigated; one with air being directed to the liquid spray through radial-tangential air channels and the other with air supplied through a small axial swirler. The study has shown that droplet size is reduced significantly when the air velocity increases up to about 50 m/s. However, further increase in air velocity has only a weak effect on the droplet size. In the absence of air supply, elevating the liquid pressure causes a reduction in the droplet diameter. The maximum values of the droplet mass flux shifts to the spray periphery with increasing of air velocity. In the air-assist operational regime, the liquid pressure has a slight effect on SMD however; the spray cone angle is increased significantly and can achieve values of up to 120 degrees for low liquid pressure drop. The larger spray angle at comparable droplet size distribution makes the atomizers with the radial air swirlers more favorable for small jet engines.

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