A methodology which couples a computational fluid dynamics simulation and a ID meanline bladerow model employing entropy-based loss terms is presented. A 3D APNASA CFD flow solution of the GE90-94B was used to provide input to the 1D bladerow model, which computed entropy-generation terms from the flow state. These terms accounted for losses in mixing of leakage and cooling flow, and gross aerodynamics using bladerow entropy loss coefficients as defined by Denton. A description of the 1D model is presented. The 1D bladerow model was implemented in the NPSS system making it possible to easily construct N-stage component simulations. The 1D model was used to generate partial performance maps of the HPT and LPT for use in a coupled 0D-3D simulation of the full GE90 engine. To validate the approach, a data match of the GE EEE HPT at the design point has been made and presented. An extrapolation of the model to off-design points has compared favorably to the experimental data.

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